Travelers frequently head to Ancona during the summer months to enjoy the beaches of the area.  Although it is warm enough for swimming, it is not so hot during the summer that other activities are uncomfortable.  The average high temperature during the hottest months of the year (July and August) is in the low eighties.  In the evenings, the temperature drops to right around sixty degrees, making summer evenings a particularly good time to walk along the beaches, although a light jacket may be necessary if there are breezes.

Visitors should know that August tends to be the rainiest season of the year.  However, visitors should not have to worry too much about having their Ancona beach vacation ruined with rain, as this wet month only averages about three inches of rainfall.  It generally tends to rain two to three inches per month all throughout the year.  This creates a climate which experiences approximately seventy to eighty percent humidity during any given month.

The winter months in Ancona can get fairly chilly, with an average low temperature during December and January being right around the 32 degree freezing point.  Average daytime temperatures at this time of year are right around fifty degrees.  It’s certainly not uncomfortably cold but it’s too chilly to enjoy the water.

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