Bologna Airport Bus is the new link for the marche region and the provinces of Ascoli Piceno - Fermo - Macerata - Ancona - Urbino -  Pesaro.

find bus timetables:

There is a special airport bus from Bologna Marconi Airport which takes you into the centre of Bologna.  It leaves every 15 minutes during the day from outside the arrivals hall.  The first bus is at 5.30 am and the last one is at 01.15.  The bus is called BLQ and is easily identified as it is grey and light blue in colour as opposed to the orange urban buses.  The fare from airport to the centre is 6 euros per person and you can pay the driver directly on the bus. Although a ticket machine is situated at the bus stop it is not necessary to buy a ticket before you board. The journey from the airport to the railway station takes about 25-30 minutes, depending on the traffic.  There are three intermediate stops before the station one of which is in via Ugo Bassi and the others are both in via Del Independenza, one at the end nearest Piazza Maggiore and the other a little over half-way up the long street.  There are also taxis available outside the airport, the journey to railway station will cost around 15 euro as opposed to 6 euro pp on the BLQ bus.

There is also a special direct bus service for the airport which runs to and from Bologna bus station (Autostazione)  The timetable for this bus can be found by clicking on the link .  The single fare is 10€ and once again you pay the driver on the bus.  The journey time is just over one hour.  Even though the bus company states that they are not responsible for missing flight connections due to traffic conditions, it rarely happens.  The service is excellent and the driver will even wait for the flight if he knows it has been delayed slightly so that arriving passengers are not left stranded at the airport.  For the return bus journey to Forlì airport, the bus leaves promptly from Bus Stop Number 10 at the Bus station.

There is another bus which may be useful to some travelers. This is the no.54. It used to stop at the end of the row of bus stops at the airport, usually in front of the BLQ (see above) however it has now been moved, so come out of the airport, turn left, and walk along past the taxis on your right side until you get to the end of the taxi ranks etc. Look for a small sign on a post, that's where 54 stops.and at the time of writing (2016) leaves the airport every hour on the hour from 06:00 to 19:00. Does not run on Sundays and last journey is at 14:00 between 4 August and 18 August. This bus goes out to the west of the city, but if you are going east towards the city centre the thing to do is buy a ticket on this bus (about 1.50 Euro, valid for 70 mins), wait unti the bus turns right at a major road junction, and get off at the stop named 'Cinta'. You are now on the main road that runs east-west right through Bologna. Cross the road to the stop on the other side, the bus that you now want is the 13, the most useful bus in Bologna. Runs about every 15 mins, from Via Normandia (extreme West) to the far East of the city. Learn the route of this bus as it goes a different route in the city centre depending which way it's heading. Find the ATC Bus office at theend of the Via Lame nearest to the city centre, then buy a 'City Pass' which will give you 10 x 70mins journeys for 12 Euros and ask for a bus route map. Be aware that on Saturday and Sunday the 3 main roads in the centre are closed to all traffic including buses, so make sure you know where the bus is going to come from/to those days. Now enjoy the fabulous city of Bologna.