As most of Pianura Padana towns, Parma has hot summer and cold wet winter. Luckily the town is surrounded by hills, that means that expecially in summer you can have some fresh breeze just outside the town. If you are planning to stay in town, summer could be a little hot (expecially in late morning and early afternoon), while if you’d like to have a tour outside the town you’ll find slightly lower temperature.

The best periods to visit the town are spring and autumn. In spring you have long sunny days, and the weather isn’t too hot. In autumn the days are shorter and you might find some mist and rain, but if you’re romantic you’ll find wonderful to look at the town surrounded by mist! In the bargain, in autumn the town is completely dfecorated because of the famous Verdi Festival and there’re a lot of interesting activities, even if you don’t like opera.