The old Roman capital city of Ravenna is small yet well traveled. This makes for a generally very safe place to visit. The town, along with the nearby villages all have relatively low rate of violent crime, but as with visiting unfamiliar towns and cities, some neighborhoods, especially in Ravenna, merit extra caution after dark. The crime rate in Italy, especially organized crime (which was never as big a problem in Italy’s north) has fallen in recent years, but visitors should be careful when on the move, and petty crime targeted at tourists continues to be a minor problem

Ravenna is a very friendly town overall, and tourism is extremely important to the local economy so the local law enforcement does crack down on all forms of crime. Women should feel safe while visiting, even if they are alone. The most common types of crimes are pickpockets at train stations or on buses. Use caution when heading out at night in the narrow streets after dark.

Don’t flash large sums of money, and watch your possessions at all times when you’re on the go such as when you’re on the beach or playing a round of golf or anyplace else where you might be distracted. If you’re using a rental car make sure to lock the doors while visiting tourist attractions such as museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels, beaches, trains and train stations. Photocopies of travel documents and credit cards should be kept separate from the originals and key telephone numbers maintained to contact banks if credit cards are stolen or lost.