Located on the Adriatic Ocean Ravenna features a full four seasons of weather that are varied but more mild than destinations to the north or south; with warm and sunny summers and cool winters, along with mild spring and autumn days. With so many attractions to take in there is really something to do throughout the year.

In the summers you can visit the historic sites around the city and take part in numerous water activities on the beach, or bike around the surrounding countryside. The summers months from June through September is a time with daytime temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s, with cool evenings in the mid 60s. August to November is the rainy season and with the end of summer can come some heavy downpours and a few days with almost non-stop rain.

The fall is otherwise mild with warm days, and plenty of sun interspersed with that precipitation. The winters can be chilly but with the Italy sun it typically feels a bit warmer. It seldom reaches freezing during the day, but in January and February there can be overnight freezing that makes for cold early mornings. This is a good time to hit a museum and stay in doors.

The spring comes early and by March it is back into the upper 50s when the sun is up and only into the 40s after dark. The weather is mild enough that you can bask in the glory that was Rome while heating up in that Italian sun.