Because of its history and beautiful natural surroundings of the sea, thick forests, caves, and waterways Trieste is a haven for sports activities, especially among those who enjoy being active.  The area surrounding Trieste is full of natural caves and many local tour companies offer visitors of all skill levels the opportunity to visit and explore them.  The Tourist Board's spelunking page has several listings of these companies which offer tours, professional guides and equipment for cave exploration.  See the site for more information.

Also popular among the sporting in Trieste is sailing and windsurfing.  The city's location on the Adriatic makes these sports a pleasure and several marinas, yacht clubs, and boating tour companies are there to offer the experience to travelers.  Sailboats can rented at many locations, or spots on crewed vessels can be purchased.  Information is available at most hotels as well as at the Tourist Board's sailing page.