The weather in Monterosso adds to its Mediterranean, coastal flair. The climate, like most of the Italian Riviera, is mild even during the Winter. The Alps and Apennines shield the area from cold winds and recycles the sea breezes year round.

Temperature ranges are low. There is usually a small change between day time and evening. However, prepare at least a couple outfits for the unexpected. Microclimates can occasionally cause warm or cold spells any time of the year.

July and August are the hottest months. Monterosso nightlife is more intense and gratifying during the late Summer. Carry plenty of bottled water and wear sunblock under sun exposure, especially while participating in outdoor sports and beach activities. 

Visitors  for whom a hike along the footpaths is their primary goal should try to avoid July and August. The very dry heat is ultimately tiresome and can be uncomfortable for people not accustomed to the climate. Consider the Spring or Autumn for hiking excursions. Brief rain showers are common in both seasons.

Winter snow can dust Monterosso even at low altitudes. Skiers and powder enthusiasts stay at the Riviera resorts and ascend the Alps at ski time. On the ground level, travelers never have to bundle up. A combination of a light sweater, sunglasses and coat usually provides comfort on colder winter days.