Genoa lies in the heart of the province of Liguria, located on the glitzy and glamorous Italian Riviera. Genoa has recently gone through a significant gentrification and has become a popular vacation spot for Italians and foreigners alike. As can be expected, the ideal time to visit Genoa is between the late spring through early fall. High season not only brings blissful weather to Italy's most famed coastline, but it also is the only time that shops, restaurants, bars, and the like, actually stay open consistently. Many shops and restaurants are closed during the low season from October through February, and those that remain open keep abbreviated hours. The weather in the spring and early fall is the most mild, with dry air, blooming nature, and a modest flow of tourists. Once June rolls around however, tourist season is in full swing and the coast becomes crowded and, at times, can appear to be the chaotic antithesis of what attracts visitors to the Riviera in the first place. Despite heavy tourist season however, Genoa is particularly lively in the summer, and the famously beautiful beaches are at their peak. If you choose to travel to Genoa during the summer, do try to avoid the two busiest times, Easter, and the second week of August, as it is a national holiday in Italy, and many families travel to the coast for their annual vacation.