The Lombardy region is safe to visit. You won’t find a lot of personal crime here, ie., crime against you like muggings or assaults.

You will find a fair amount of pickpocketing, however, so keep your belongings close to your body, don’t show your money and whatever you do, don’t carry a lot of cash if you can avoid it. Keep your passport and visa (if you have one) in your hotel’s safe and don’t hand it over to anyone other than authorized personnel, like the airline or customs.

Now, one small danger, or perhaps inconvenience, you want to be aware of are the pigeon food pushers at the famous Duomo. The square is famous for its hundreds of pigeons and they will crowd you for food, which you can easily provide with a piece of bread from your pack. But you will also likely be “assisted” by people who want to give you seed for the pigeons. Don’t take the food, as they will demand to be paid for it and the going rate is as much as 5 Euro.

Even if you resist the food, some of these peddlers will place the food into your hands, or anywhere on your body they can place it, then ask for money. It’s best to steer clear of these folks as many visitors report they can be pushy, obnoxious and can ruin what is otherwise a pleasant visit to this famous Milan site.