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Two centuries ago Alessandro Volta invented the battery. He was 54 years old and one of Europe ’s most famous physicists.
Volta was born in 1745 in Como , Italy . He was educated in public schools and in 1774, he became professor of Physics at the Royal School in Como . He invented the the first electric battery, called then a voltaic stack, and the electric condenser, a machine that could generate static electricity. He also discovered the decomposition of water, which was the beginning of electrochemistry.

In 1800, Volta discovered the battery by studying earlier experiments. He believed that metals that are different could create electricity when in contact with each other. In his experiment, he stacked copper, zinc and cardboard, which was soaked in salt water. When both ends of the stack were touched, electricity flowed. This was the first battery.
He died in Como on 1827

Napoleon gave him the title of Count in gratitude for his inventions that have revolutionized the world of today.
The electrical current term VOLT for voltage is derived from the name of Alessandro Volta.
(TEMPIO VOLTIANO – Volta Museum – Como)

Mussolini was captured while attempting to escape to Switzerland and killed in the afternoon of April 28 , in the village of Giulino di Mezzegra (small village close to Dongo on Lake Como), by "Colonnello Valerio", the partisan commander charged by the CLN ( National Liberation Committee) with the task of executing the death sentence issued against Mussolini.

Tuesday April 3, 1945
The Guardian
Mussolini shot

Public exhibition of bodies in Como and Milan
The Italian partisans have carried out swift justice on Mussolini and other Fascist leaders. They have been shot and their bodies have been exhibited in public squares in Como and Milan . The executions were apparently carried out near Como by shooting in the back. Farinacci, who had been Mussolini's delegate to the German Command in Italy , had already been tried and shot, Milan radio reported on Saturday. Farinacci was said to have been arrested at the same time as his chief. Meanwhile the Allied advances are going on with striking rapidity, and it was officially announced from Rome last night that our troops have entered Venice and Milan .

With a surface of 146 square meters, Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy , after Lake Garda and Lake Verbano . The peculiar shape - a Y turned upside down - is due to its three branches: Colico, the northern branch, Lecco , the south east branch and Como , the south west branch, with a perimeter totaling 105 miles (170 kilometers); between Como and Argegno, the lake reaches a depth of 1345 feet (410 meters). It’s the deepest lake in Europe

Lake Como has a micro climate, providing Mediterranean summers and mild mountain winters. Sala Comacina further accentuates the quality of this climate and is best known for the production of olive oil along with its neighbouring village of Lenno , where the most northerly produced olive oils in Europe can be found.