Bellagio, like the rest of the Italian foothills, has a temperate climate. One advantage Bellagio has is Lake Como – it acts as a moderating force, so it’s not too cold during winter and there’s a pleasant breeze during the summer. Average temperatures fluctuate between zero degrees Celsius in winter to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer (approximately 30 degreees-85 degrees Fahrenheit). From December through February, there’s snow in the nearby mountains, and many people come to ski.

If you don’t mind bundling up a bit, late fall or early spring are ideal times to visit because you will avoid crowds and save money on accommodations. Summer is gorgeous in Bellagio, but as it’s a popular vacation spot for people from Milan and from all of Italy, these months tend to be packed with visitors. August is a peak month for tourists, seeing as most Europeans take the month off to travel.

Since Milan is so close to Bellagio, you can use the BBC’s 5 day forecast for Milan , which is probably the most reliable source of weather information. For a slightly more pinpointed forecast, try ’s forecast for Lake Como.