The temperate weather and the beautiful lake on which Varenna sits makes the community an active one and the people spend a lot of time outdoors. One can easily arrange water sports in the area and engage in other activities such as walking and hiking, cycling, horsebackriding and golf.

Just nearby Varenna is what is referred to as the "Farm House" or more properly as the Castello di Vezio and it offers a wide variety of activities available including tennis courts for a small fee as well as cooking classes.

Golfers can find their haven at the Menaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club which is an 18-hole course open from March through November.

For horsebackrding, check out the El PIcadero Stables as they lead excursions; they are located in nearby Fort Fuente. You may also try the A.G. Gruoppo Equestre which is by Fort Montecchio.

Hikers and walkers most enjoy a path from Varenna to the Vezio Port which is known as "la mulattiera".  

Water sports on the lake are a great way to spend your time and relax or exercise. If your hotel does not have any water equipment for rent, check with Riva Mulo who specializes in kayaks and rowboats. Lake Como is accessible by ferry and is full of more water sport options.