Stressa is a tourist town located on Lago (Lake) Maggiore. It’s located in a beautiful setting, and can be described as a “charming” place. Stresa can become packed with tourists during the summer months, but it’s not the typical place that Americans visit while in Italy. Most tourists visit the largest cities in Italy… Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and Naples. However, several travel books highly recommend Stresa. Following are two of the most popular books about traveling in Italy.

Frommer's Italy 2006 ,” by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince is an updated version of Frommer’s regularly released travel guide on Italy. The book discusses where to stay, where to eat, what to see, and what to do while visiting all parts of Italy. In-depth and trustworthy details are provided in the book, and good maps and pictures are also included.

Fodor’s Italy 2006 ,” by Fodor’s is an excellent travel guide that discusses all areas of Italy. This book can help anybody planning a trip to Italy create an itinerary that includes the Stresa area (including things to do on Lago Maggiore) and other parts of Italy as well. There are also several easy-to-read maps and pictures in the book that provide readers (even those with a bad sense of direction) the tools needed to comfortably get around the cities in Italy.