Stresa is a relatively small town in Italy. It is a popular tourist destination, which means that there may be increased instances of small crimes such as pick-pocketing and purse snatching, but the overall crime rate in this part of the world is not outrageously high.

The United States government has stated that any tourists traveling to Italy should be cautious when visiting nightclubs and bars during the night hours because these are the most common places for small type of crimes against tourists to occur the most often. If something should occur while on vacation in Italy, the best thing to do is immediately report it to the United States Embassy (if the tourist is an American).

If any sort of medical emergency should occur while visiting Italy, there are medical facilities located throughout the country. However, since Stresa is not a major urban area, the hospitals may not be as advanced.

If renting a car while in Stresa, the condition of the roads should not be an issue. However, some of the streets in Stresa are very narrow, so caution should be used while driving. The speed limit in various areas of Italy varies by location, but most drivers travel quite fast. Any tourist who feels uncomfortable with this may want to consider alternate forms of transportation while visiting.