The official website of the Lake District Tourist Board (whose headquarters are in Stresa) is This website covers Stresa and Lake Maggiore, as well as Lake Orta and the Val d'Ossola region.

There are a few other websites on the internet that are dedicated to traveling to Stresa and the Lake Maggiore area.

The Visitstresa website is full of information in excellent English with up to date details about concerts and events and all opening times / entrance prices for local places to visit.

The Stresa On Line website is somewhat helpful, but many of the topics covered contain text that is a bit hard to read. The English version of this website is choppy and was obviously written by someone whose native language is Italian. The topics covered (accommodations, surroundings, sports, food and drink, transportation, etc…) do not contain very many details.

There is another good website on the Internet called, “ Italy Heaven.” This website contains more details about traveling to Italy, including information about Stresa.

The website for Lago Maggiore is full of information, but the only problem is that most of it is written in Italian. Some of the pages state that a translation for each page is in the works, but not yet available.

 A good overview of Stresa and all of the other regions of Italy is available on the Italian Tourist Board website. This site is compiled and maintained by the Italian Government. The English on the Italy Tourist Board website is much more readable, detailed, and understandable.