For some unknown reason, many tourists who come to Italy believe that they can rent a car in Italy and then drive alongside real Italian drivers and not cause an accident. Driving in Italy is something that should only be done by people who think they can handle fast speeds, aggressive drivers, and “optional” traffic signals and stop signs.

It’s often recommended that tourists use the public transportation system in Italy to get where they want to go. True, having a rental car available to use at any given moment is a benefit, but utilizing the busses and/or trains in Italy can be an experience in itself.

The train system in Italy is used by both locals and tourists. It’s a reliable system and it’s relatively inexpensive. The system is called the “FS,” or Ferrovie dello Stato, and tickets can be purchased on the system’s website. This is also where train schedules and train stops can be found. The best part about the train system in Italy is that riders pay per mile that they ride.

Once in the local area of Stresa, there are busses that can take tourists around. Tickets for busses can be purchased in a variety of places. Check with the front desk at the hotel in Stresa to find out where to buy them.