There are several museums and attractions in Stresa as well as the immediate surrounding areas around Lago Maggiore. Tourists can take a short trip to visit some or all of these museums to get a good taste of the history of the area and some of the artifacts discovered here. There are many more museums that what is listed here, but these are some interesting examples of what the Stresa area has to offer.

Palazzo Perabo: Inside of this old building, which dates back to the 16th century, there is a wonderful museum filled with ceramics. There are many different varieties of ceramics housed here and they range from traditional to contemporary.

Museo Civico di Angera: This museum has been open since the late 1970s contains many pre-historical items and remains found in various tombs in the Lago Maggiore area. In addition to actual bits of ancient human bones, there are also other items such as dishes and plates that date back to the first century B.C.

Museu Archeologico: The Museu Archeologico is filled with all sorts of ancient items found on various archeological digs. The museum provides a great picture of what life was like in this area thousands of years ago.

Umbrella and Parasol MuseumInfo.  Trace the development of umbrella and parasol accessories from the 19th century to the present, through a study of umbrella makers, their tools, old photos and exhibits.