Travel Guides for Milan travelers:

  • “Frommer’s Northern Italy Including Venice, Milan and the Lakes” by Reid Bramblett.  This travel guide is good for people who are going to be traveling not only to Milan but to the surrounding areas as well.
  • “Milan and the Lakes: Eyewitness Travel Guides” by DK Publishing.  This book divides Milan up in to regions and gives information about each different region, as well as providing information about the lakes of Northern Italy. .
  • “Where to Wear Italy 2006: Shopping Guide” by Anges Crawford and Jasmine Serruier is an excellent travel guide for individuals who enjoy shopping during their travels, especially those people who are interested in the popular Milan fashion scene.
Do also have a look at the apps for smartphones and tablets that are available nowadays, some even for free. See  or for an overview. Children's books on Milan:
  • The Second Mrs. Giaconda by E.L. Konigsburg. This delightful book of fiction focuses on the time Leonardo DaVinci was in Milan through the eyes of his wayward young assistant, Salai. Touring the Sforza castle will take on new meaning.
  • Leonardo's Horse by J. Fritz & H. Talbott. A spectacular book on the creation of the amazing huge horse envisioned by Leonardo DaVinci for the ruler of Milan. Children will clamor to see the final product near the soccer stadium.
  • Alex & Penny: Ballooning over Italy by G. Francia. While this book covers many large towns in Italy, there are a few pages dedicated to Milan. It will entice readers of all ages to climb the roof of the Duomo to see hundreds of saints and to better see the Madonnina atop the highest spire (and somedays even the Alps). There's a cute story on how the panetone came to be created and embraced by the people of this city.

Language Guides for Milan Travelers:

  • “Drive Time Italian: Learn While You Drive” by Living Language is an excellent language learning choice for visitors who will be getting to Milan by car.
  • “Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way” by Marcel Danesi.  This book can be used by adults who are just learning the basics of Italian as well as by families who want to learn the language before taking a trip to Milan together. .
  • “Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary: Italian/English, English Italian” by Catherine Love is a book which travelers can carry with them in case of the unlikely event that they encounter a situation where Italian must be spoken to communicate effectively.