Milan is a travel destination which sees tourists all year long.  Travelers from warmer climates might find that Milan is somewhat cold in the winter.  These travelers might prefer Milan in the summer months, when other areas are becoming uncomfortably warm and Milan is staying comfortably cool, even if sometimes it's humid, too.  Visitors coming from dry areas who want to avoid the rain will most likely enjoy any time of the year in Milan other than the spring.

Winters in Milan are not freezing cold, and in fact are enjoyed by people from many places.  However, visitors from warm areas might find the temperatures to be a bit chilly.  Average high temperatures in Milan in the winter are approximately forty degrees, with lows hovering around twenty five degrees.  Appropriate cold-weather wear should make the winter season comfortable for most people. Sometimes it's possible to see snowing.

Other than during the winter months, Milan’s average temperature actually stays about the same throughout the year, edging up a little but during the hottest months of summer.  Average summer high temperatures are only around eighty degrees and are considered comfortable by most travelers.  Spring is comfortably cool but it is also the rainy season in Milan so visitors often wait until the early summer for their Milan vacations to begin.

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