The Medieval Village was createdfor the Italian General Exhibition in Turin and was intended to illustrate theprogress of the Italian industry at the end of the 19th Century. Theoriginal design of the Village was created by architect-archaeologist Alfredo D'Andradeworking with other scholars such as Giuseppe Giacosa, Vittorio and PietroAvondo Vayara. The inspiration for this imaginary Piedmont Village of thefifteenth century came from original monuments scattered  in the area between Liguria and Valle d'Aosta. The inauguration was held on 27 April 1884 and the project was a hugesuccess, so that the City of Turin decided to purchase the complex and ensureits preservation. The Village overlooking the left bank of the Po in the Parcodel Valentino, is an outstanding example of nineteenth-century culture that hasstudied and invented his own image of the Middle Ages. The fortress thatdominates the town was the only element of the village that was intended to bemaintained. The castle has ancient defensive systems, prisons, secret passagesand rooms of representation. The central building has a large internal courtyardwith reproductions of the frescoes. There are also kitchens, a dormitory forthe garrison and a large dining room furnished with period furniture.