Palazzo Reale

Piazzetta Reale - 10122 Torino (Piazza Castello)

The construction begun in 1646 to replace the old “Palazzo del Vescovo” ( Bishop Palace ). It was residence of the kings of Sardinia until 1859 and of Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Italy , until 1865.

Remarkable, among the various masterpieces of the artists that worked here from the 17th to the 19th century, are:

  • The original façade by Carlo Morello (1658)
  • The scala delle Forbici - staircase of the Scissors -  by Filippo Juvarra (1720)
  • The Chinese Private Room on a project by Juvarra
  • The iron gate by Palagi (1835-1838)

Open  Tuesday-Sunday – only guided tours. The second floor is opened only on special occasions.

Behind the palace are the Royal Gardens . In summer time they host various open air restaurants and music shows in the evening.


Palazzo Reale

Ø      Mole Antoneliana

Ø      Basilica Superga

Ø      Duomo & Capella della Sindone (Holy Shroud)

Ø      Residenze sabuada Stupinigi

Ø      Parco del Valentino

Ø      Museo del Risorgimento

Palazzo Reale

Mole Antoneliana  
Basilica Superga  
Residenza sabuada Stupinigi  
Parco del Valentino  
Museo del Risorgimento  
Duomo & Capella della Sindone (Holy Shroud)