Merano Music Festival

    Introduced in 1986 to celebrate Merano's 150th year as a spa town, the Merano Music Festival has quickly become one of the most important music festivals in Europe. Performances at the festival mostly consist of chamber music, featuring string quartets, full orchestras, and other groups. Orchestras from all over the world have visited the festival, including orchestras from the cities of Budapest, Gothenburg, Israel, London, Moscow, Paris, St.Petersburg, Prague and Warsaw. The festival also attracts world-class musicians renowned for their solo performances. Operas are also traditionally performed at the festival, mostly by classical composers such as J. S. Bach. Recently, the program of events has begun to include theathre performances as well.

    Ticket prices range from 20 euros for piano recitals to 70 euros for the best seats during performances of the most distinguished orchestras. Tickets can be bought online at the festival web site, here. The festival typically lasts one month from the end of August to the end of September. Reserving tickets and hotel rooms far in advance is highly recommended.