After a day of traversing the channels and crowds in Venice, go to Cortina d'Ampezzo for some fresh, mountain air. Cortina is a spectacular resort town  with panoramic mountain and valley views that stretch across Belluno peninsula.

This site of the 1956 Winter Olympics gained prominence and commercialization through global broadcasting and advertising. Although it is a very popular destination, it is quite expensive. This keeps it reserved for small number of discriminating travelers who like to detoxify and relax with an array of renowned, alpine spa services.

Nevertheless, travelers who wish to stay only for a day need only to worry about their meals, transportation, and entertainment. Deals during the off season may encourage some to stay for one to three nights.

Skiing the alps, high altitude hiking, and shopping are also local attractions. Cortina serves as a convenient base excursions into the countryside. Renaissance colonnades juxtapose ancient fountains and gothic spires in a collection of aesthetic, historical towns in this province.

Cortina is approximately 2.5 to 4 hours north of Venice and Padua. Travelers can catch a bus once a day from Venice or take the train from either region. Pick the train route with the least number of transfers for the most efficient service.