Following are some recommended readings that cover the sights, restaurants, accommodations, and more that exist in Padua and its surrounding areas. There are many, many articles, books and other publications related to traveling to Italy , but these are a few top picks.

“Adventure Guide to Venice & the Veneto by Marissa Fabris is a book that covers the territory in Northern Italy . This includes Padua and the rest of the cities within Veneto . The author discusses the food, the wine, and the art that exists here. She talks about the most recommended restaurants and accommodation in the area.

Italy : Eyewitness Travel Guides” by Anna Streiffert is a book that is very detailed about all of the regions in Italy . The book is filled with all sorts of practical information, such as maps, information about the public transportation systems, and the best places to eat and visit. This book alone can be a trusted and true travel companion for any city within Italy .

“Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2006: The Travel Skills Handbook,” by Rick Steves is a travel guide that discusses some of the small details involved with planning a trip to Europe that many foreigners and inexperienced travelers might not know. Steves’ covers safety issues and how to avoid common mistakes tourists make – such as visiting only touristy areas and spending too much money on mediocre goods and services.

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