Padua is home to a very large school, the University of Padua , which is one of the oldest and most well known universities in Europe . Its current student enrollment is about 65,000. When the number of students in town during the school year is added to the number of people affiliated with the university (professors, people who work on campus, etc…), the university-related population numbers become huge. Knowing this, it won’t come as a surprise that many of the nightlife venues (such as bars and discos) in Padua are geared towards this group of people.

For tourists who are not attracted to blaring music and dancing as their preferred form of nightlife entertainment, there are many other things to do during the evening hours. For example, there are places to go for an evening filled with classical music. The Tourist Office in Padua has information on schedules and locations of the concerts.

There is also a theatre in Padua which hosts operas and other performances. Information on these events is also available form the Padua Tourist Office.

There are many wonderful restaurants in town that can serve as a form of nightlife and entertainment. A late meal can be followed by a visit to a local Irish pub or even a movie at the local movie theatre.