Bacaro Jazz - Conveniently located near the Rialto bridge on Salizada del Fontego dei Tedeschi at number San Marco 5546, you won't be able to miss it. For the benefit of night owls it is apparently open until 2:00 or sometimes even 3:00 a.m., just about as late as it gets in Venice.

Alfredo the owner is friendly and personable, accommodating and hospitable. The other staff are equally as memorable, and are all fun to be around. The mood and atmosphere is always upbeat and lively.

Some good food is also found at this fun bar, so whether you choose to wine, or dine, or both, you can't go wrong. Popular choices are the Scallop Kebabs with rosemary, creamed leeks and anchovy oil, and the prosciutto di Parma (dry-cured ham) with warm rosemary focaccia.

There is a chance that you could stumble across this bar completely by accident when wandering around the streets just after Rialto Bridge. Walk over the bridge (to San Marco side) continue 2 minutes down the street to Campo San Bortolomeo. There are a few places to eat here but turn left out of the square along the Salizada and it is approx 50 metres up on the right. It has a small frontage, and although it isn't a very large place, it goes back further into the building where there are more tables and chairs for dining. It has great, reasonably priced food, with a 3 set course tourist menu from 18 euros. There are all the bar favourites from wines, beers, cocktails, spirits etc

It has 2 large television screens which show live football (Italian league matches are often shown) and it seems to pull in many people, tourists and non tourists alike. A great 'fun' feature of the bar are the dozens and dozens of bras hanging from the ceiling! Apparently, according to bar staff, all donated!! A great bar / restaurant with a fun, funky atmosphere! Definitely worth a look.