The Basilica Pontificia San Nicola (basilica of Saint Nicolas), is the main attraction in town. The white marble building is nearly a thousand years old and holds the remains of Saint Nicolas, which were transported to this city from Myra around 1087, when construction on the basilica began. The church has several architectural features, including an impressive Romanesque bishop’s throne from the 11th century, floor tile mosaics, the Renaissance tomb of Bona Sforza and a collection of artwork from the Middle Ages.

Another highly notable church in Bari is the Cathedral of Saint Sabinus, done in Byzantine style. Though the original building is older than the Basilica di San Nicola, it was destroyed and had to be rebuilt in the late 1100s. Parts of the church were redone in the Baroque style in the 1700s, but the cathedral has since been restored to its distinctive Puglian Romanesque architecture.

The Università degli Studi di Bari, or University of Bari, is also a very beautiful campus with with statues, theaters, a botanical garden and several museums. The departments of archaeology, geology and zoology here all have exhibits and displays open to public viewing. Elsewhere in the city, you can also find the Castle of Bari (Piazza Federico II di Svevia), the Puglia Aquarium (Croso V. Veneto, Molo Pizzoli) and the province’s art gallery (Lungomare N. Sauro).