There are a few ways to get around the Island of Sardinia.

Train: The train system in Sardinia tends to run slowly, but it does run on a regular schedule and can get anybody anywhere they need to go on the island.

There is one train in particular called, “ The Little Green Train.” This is a train that can be taken all over the island, and it even travels to areas not accessible by car or any other type of vehicle. Riding The Little Green Train is a good way for tourists to see the entire Island. The only issue with this train is that it only runs during the spring season.

Car: Many people rent cars when they’re visiting Sardinia. A car is good to have because there are so many places to see and go on the island, and it’s much easier to have a car to use at any time rather than rely on public transportation. There is not a highway system in Sardinia, so anyone wanting to drive from one side of the island to the other can do so on main roads or by driving along the coastline.

Bus: There is a bus system on the island. However, using busses as a mode of transportation can take a while because many transfers may be necessary to reach a desired destination.