First-time travelers to Sardinia may benefit from knowing a few tips about the island and how a few important things work here.

Money and Banks: As with most of the European Union, Sardinia uses the Euro. There are places to exchange money at any airport and money can also be exchanged in most banks. A person wanting to exchange one currency for another will have to show a valid passport or identification card.

There are banks all over the island where money can be withdrawn from automated teller machines, and most of the machines accept credit cards or bank cards with a personal identification number.

Emergencies: There is an emergency response system in Sardinia, and emergency calls can be made from any public or private phone. Sardinia has police, military, ambulance, fire and coast guard emergency responders.

Post Office: Post offices are located all over Sardinia where stamps can be purchased and letters can be mailed. Most post offices open at 8:20 a.m. and they close at various times depending on their location.

Gas Stations: In Sardinia, there are gas stations (commonly called “petrol” stations) in every city and town. They are usually open from morning until the noon hour and then they close for a few hours and re-open around 3:30. For anyone who cannot read Italian, the unleaded button is almost always green.