Sicily is one of those places you simply have to go to if you are a lover of food. Everything is served to perfection, and everyone serving you, from the cooks to the waiters, take extreme pride in their work. The food is more like a work of art, and it is always appreciated to show your thanks to the artists. Sicily has some of the best food in the world, from mouth-watering seafood to delicious pasta. If you are in a coastal community, expect to have anything and everything served to you. Octopi, squid, and anchovies are just a few of the delicacies that will be brought before you at a seafood extravaganza. Even if you are not too keen on trying new things, at least try a little bit. It is very insulting to the chefs to not eat the food they prepare, and they can often take it personally. Also, if you are a vegetarian, expect to get some crazy looks in Sicily. To the Italians, it is absurd not to eat fish or meat, and they will try very hard to sneak some into your food, so you have to double check everything, including the soup. It may surprise you to find out that pasta is not actually a big deal in the meals. Of course it is a staple of Italian cuisine, but it is only the third course usually, and you should always leave a little food on your plate, not only to show to the chef that it was good, but to show that it was filling. If you eat all of your food, they will assume it was not enough to fill you, and food will continue to come. If you are only paying one price, this might not be such a big deal besides the waste of food, but if you're paying afterwards, this can run up quite a bill. In addition, if you are eating at a huge feast, there are usually four or five courses, and you will want to make sure you save room for the dessert. Getato, marzipan, and cannoli are just three of the best after-dinner treats to munch on in Sicily. Tourists often find themselves eating gelato two or three times a day. Coffee and espresso are also big on the island. If you don't want to look like a fool, only order a cappucino in the morning with breakfast. Espresso is only had after lunch, and only get one shot, because two will keep you up all night. If you don't want to have an enormous feast, enjoy some pizza. This is truly the home of pizza, and it is usually delicious no matter where you go, and will beat any pizza anywhere back home. Wine in Italy is some of the best wine in the world. Because it is so prevalent, it is usually served with every lunch and dinner, and you can get a good bottle for 2-3 euro. If you want to get a very good bottle you may have to pay about 15 euro, depending on the restaurant. The nice thing about wine in Sicily is it is cheaper to buy an entire bottle than it is to order a glass of Coke at a restaurant. The legal drinking age in Italy is 16.