Some books that will guide you into Catania's hidden gems and will give you a more detailed idea of the city and its surroundings are:

Catania and the Coast of Cyclopes by Maria Rosaria Falcone and Romilda Nicotra available in Italian English, French, German, introduces the traveler into the city (shopping, museums, dining) and its neighboring natural attractions, including Mount Etna.

Agrigento, Palermo, and Catania Provinces, Italy: A Reference for Researchers is a CD-ROM made by Kathy Kirkpatrick. Here the author presents more than 600 texts and photos with all the urban information for detailed research. You can find it in Amazon.

Catania (Storia delle città italiane) by Giuseppe Giarrizzo, if you cab read Italian and you want to know more about the urban development of the town.

An interesting travel journal is Short journal of a voyage to Sicily, 1810, and of an excursion from Messina to Syracuse, by way of Etna and Catania, from 1811, by William Hanson.