Catania's typical produces are as diversed as puppets and wine.

Catania is home to the Napoli family who for centuries have manufactured puppets (“the Sicilian Pupi”). You can watch performances with these puppets at the Theater Opera dei Pupi in Catania. You can check out their website at  for a calendar of the performances. After you have enjoyed the show, you can buy similar marionettes from local artisans 

Another typical Catania (and Sicilian) product is food, and beverages. The best places to buy fresh produce are the farms around Catania. They are all fine examples of agro tourism and organic farming. Visit the farms in Castiglione di Sicilia, Caltagirone, Mascali, Riposto and Santa Maria di Licodia and buy vegetables, oil, wine, seasonal fruits, conserves, marmelades, honey, dairy products such as cheese and ricotta. Some of these farms have babysitting services for kids and accommodation facilities if you decide to stay overnight.

You can also visit the street markets for fresh produce. One of the most popular ones is the Fish Market, there you will find not only fresh and dried fish but also olive oil and wine.

If you are interested in buying souvenirs to take back home, try the arts and crafts made from lava or the unique pottery vases (the pottery from Caltagirone), they are both true Sicilian products.