Arguably the best eating to be had in Palermo is the city's 'street food'. Stalls and bars, especially around the market areas, serve up freshly cooked tasty delights such as arancine (deep fried rice balls filled with cheese or ragu), panelle (chickpea fritters), sfincione (a kind of pizza) and cazzilli (potato croquettes) – in paper cones or greaseproof paper, ready to go. Look out for the places that seem to be the busiest with locals – it usually means they'll be good. It's a handy way to eat on the move if you're touring the city. But the city's most famed street snack is reserved for the strong-stomached: pani ca' meusa is a bread roll filled with boiled veal lungs and spleen and usually topped with slivers of caciocavallo cheese. The raw ingredients are to be seen hanging in the markets like wet chamois leathers. Pluck up courage and give it a go, and join the thousands of Palermitans who enjoy this traditional snack every day.