You’ll definitely enjoy Taormina uptown and downtown section: Taormina town and Taormina-Mare, otherwise known by the locals as Mazzaro.

Taormina town is a feast for the senses, and for the mind. It is about its hidden spots and its magnificent buildings. Streets and beautiful alleys spread on the side of Monte Tauro creating those special corners where medieval times have left their trace. But, Taormina town is also about the magnificent Greek and Roman architecture, and about Arabian and British culture that you will easily identify if you remember your art history class from college.

The modern tourist can enjoy walking along The Corso Umberto, Taormina’s main shopping street. The shops on The Corso Umberto are mostly designer so be prepared to part with a small fortune for most items.

During the day, you can shop or have a drink at one of the bars; or just enjoy the view from the Belvedere terrace.

The Corso Umberto is the best spot to have a wonderful night, at a restaurant, or a bar. There is however an horrendous lack of decent night life in Taormina so if you are looking for fun filled night club type nights out, then this town is not for you. There are a few nightclubs that will open for the month of August only,  due to it being the Italian holiday month. August in Taormina however can be awful, very very overcrowded and extremely hot, so it is to be avoided if you are not a fan of huge crowds. People traffic jams are not uncommon at this time of year.

Mazzaro or Taormina Mare is the neighborhood by the sea. You can get there by the cable car that runs every 15 minutes. It is a 2 minute ride down the mountain. Sometimes there are long lines to get in and visitors are not able to get in the first one when it comes.

At Taormina Mare, you can enjoy the beach or you can take a boat trip to see the grottoes. Or, just enjoy the spectacular view of the sea.

If you like to snorkel the sea around here has a wonderful selection of sea creatures and fish which follow you around and it's very safe with no strong currents. At certain times of year however there is a major jelly fish issue, they arent aggressive so they can be ignored to a certain extent.