To learn more about Taormina, you can read Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Travels in Italy. Written when Goethe traveled in Italy in 1786 1nd 1787, he describes Taormina’s landscape and ruins, particularly the views from the amphitheater. You will be infused with Goethe’s passion for Taormina, at that time, an unknown Sicilian village.

You can take a look at some modern literature such as:

-Tourism and the History of Taormina, Sicily, 1750-1950, by Giuseppe Restifo.

- Classical Cities of Sicily: Taormina, Syracuse, Palazzola, Acreide. Agrigento, Seliunte, Segesta, Solunto, by Pirro Marconi,

- Taormina and neighborhood by Sandro Chierichetti.

Other books about Taormina are not translated into English, but if you know some Italian (or Spanish) you can take a look at:

- Aricò’s Taormina in "Città da scoprire. Guida ai centri minori",

- Calì’s Taormina attraverso i tempi,

- Dillon’s Interpretazione di Taormina, Torino, and

- Santangelo’s Taormina e dintorni, Roma.