Florence has some of the best and most extensive outlets in europe and maybe the world. With the huge Prada factory/outlet store leading the charge...basically every major (italian) brand in fashion has an outlet here.

 These outlets are all situated away from Florence. Between 30 to 60km away.

Basically the outlets can be divided on where they are situated in relation to florence.

1)The traditional old school outlets are situated to the south of florence. At regello: The mall, The Groove,D&G outlet,Trussardi and  at Montevarchi: the Prada factory store aka The Space.

2)The new kid on the block: Mcarthursglen Barbarino ay Barbarino. 100 stores in an open air mall.Lies about 30km to the north of Florence.

Visiting both outlets in one day could be very difficult due to the distance between them.

1) The traditional outlets lies about 15minutes inland from the respective exits on the autostrada to Rome. These traditional outlets mainly focuses on the high end fashion brands like Gucci, prada, Armani, Zegna,Pucci etc.  All outlets are open till 8pm. The mall is open till 7 pm.

Getting there: Best way to get here. Hire a car. Using Satnav its pretty easy to navigate there and you could easily all the different outlets.. Another option are the bustours. But if you are more than 2 persons...quite expensive. and also a little short in time. Public transport is available.  There are shuttle buses going to the outlet malls regularly which leave from near the SMN train station.  Near the Bata store in Piazza Stazione the buses go to Barberino (Prada & Dolce e Gabbana) and in via S. Caterina da Siena at the Sita station buses go to The Mall (Gucci, Armani, Pucci, Ferragamo, and many more).  Here is a good place with info about outlet shopping in Florence.

What can you expect: Pricewise it could be a standard discount of around 30% from the regular prices in Italy. With selected items even having bigger discounts. During the regular sales period in Italy(January and July) the discounts could be as much as 70% from the outlet prices.

 Website: http://www.themall.it/


2) The New kid on the block: Mcarthurglen Brabarino. It follows the wellknown concept of open air malls with more than 100 shops.  But as an late comer to the outlet scene in florence it doesnt have all the highend brands. Some brands like prada,gucci and D&G have a (smaller) outlet here. Exclusive highend brands are Bruno Magli, Ferre and Pal Zileri.The other shops are the more regular brands. This outlet lies few minutes from the autostrada and easily navigated.Opened till 8pm.

Getting here: Again a rental car would be best. But there is also a shuttlebus service.

What can u expect: Pricewise a standard discount of 30% compared with the regular prices in Italy. During the regular sales period in italy  there are pretty huge discounts available and each shop seems to have a few selected items thats on special discount. With 100 shops...you should be able to find what you want.


website: http://www.mcarthurglen.it/barberino/...


For outlet newbies: Like with every outletshopping luck and bodysize determines how succesfull your visit will be.You just dont how what will be available and if its their...if it will fit you or not. A big plus to these outlets is that if you have a non regular bodysize...your chance of finding something nice is much better here than in the regular stores.Be prepared to dig thru alot of stuff. Some places are real outlets, while others look like the regular boutiques.If you stay openminded, you are able to find some nice bargains here. Also a huge plus..you are assured that what you buy will be originals and not knockoffs.

 The discounts could be so huge that your shopping here could easily finance your visit to florence.