There are three possible routes to Florence. The cheapest and fastest is London to Paris (Eurostar), Paris to Turin (SNCF-TGV) and Turin to Florence (Trenitalia). Unless you have a very early start or late arrival you will probably have to stay in Paris or Turin overnight. This route involves changing stations in Paris. If you want to avoid changing stations, travel by Eurostar to Lille Europe, SNCF-TGV to Lyon and regional train to Chambery but this may be the an expensive option as the Lille to Lyon TGV fares can be comparatively expensive . Stay in Chambery overnight, take the TGV to Turin (Porta Susa) and the Trenitalia Frecciarossa to Florence. While it is possible to change trains in Milan, this may involve a change of station. The third option is Eurostar to Paris and overnight train (Thallo) to Florence.

Booking can be done on the internet, but the UK version of voyages-sncf does not provide the booking of seats. This can be done over the phone but there is an £8 booking charge. The Trenitalia website does allow the selection of seats. Book early, preferably on the day the tickets become available (90 days before travel) in order to ensure the cheapest fares. The french site ( may have more promotional offers, plus specific seats can be booked and a credit card can be used without a surcharge, although payment will be in euros.