On the third Sunday of every month Lucca hosts a large antique fair, and on the last Sunday of every month it hosts a crafts fair.  Both of these events can be found around the Piazza San Giusto in the city center. 

               From the end of August into September it is an important time throughout Tuscany: Grape harvest time.  After all of the grapes are picked for the season’s wine, celebrations are abundant.  

September is probably one of the best months to go and visit Lucca, because it's the month where the city celebrate its patron saint, the Volto Santo (here the legend about it) . The day of the celebration is the 14th of September, and the night before (the 13th) a big catholic and then historic procession goes through the principal streets and squares of the city, which are all lighted by thousands of candles (it's called Luminara). Fireworks display follows the procession . Very suggestive expecially for foreign tourists. The 14th, the 21th, the 28th and all the September Sundays after the 14th a big market is held just outside the city wall and a "Luna-Park"  (itinerant amusement park) stays in town for the entire month. A lots of events and expositions are organized each year in Lucca during September

The summer music festival every July attracts top  Interneational artists from around the world. Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams to name just a few. Tickets sell out pretty quickly from January so look out for details then.  The concerts take place in one of the piazzas in the town so are pretty intimate compared to other festival sites.