San Gimignano is a small city, so visitors may find that, once they have reached the area, walking is a viable option for exploration of it.  (Information about how to reach the area is available online at .)  In fact, upon arrival to the actual gates of the city, visitors are obligated to park outside of the city walls and walk in to the area, so walking is the only reasonable option for seeing that part of the city.  For this reason, travelers heading to the area should be in reasonably good shape.  The altitude combined with the warmth during the summer months makes it important for travelers to be healthy for travel to San Gimignano.

Travelers interested in getting around the surrounding area will find that a car is the best means of doing so.  Day trips ( ) to surrounding areas for the purpose of exploring the performing arts options or museums and attractions ( ) there are best reached by car.  It is possible to use the bus to get to the nearby destinations of Siena or Florence.

A word of advice: many travelers attempt hitchhiking in the area but this is strongly recommended against because of safety concerns associated with the practice.