To date, Italy has not been subject to any acts of terrorism from without. On the other hand, a number of politically-motivated internal incidents occassionally occur, such as bombings and bomb threats of government buildings. These incidents are said to be fueled by organized crime and anarchist factions, and are not aimed at Americans.

Even so, there is a level of anti-American sentiment seen in some demonstrations. Westerners traveling in Italy are advised to take normal precautions and keep themselves updated on current issues in the communities they visit.

Crime is at moderate levels in Umbria and Italy. Assaults against tourists are usually motivated by theft, though some travelers have been subject to molestation and/or beatings. The use of drug-laced drinks on potential victims have been reported, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. The use of caution at train stations, airports, bars, and at night is highly recommended.

Petty crime is a serious problem, and those who resist their aggressors tend to get badly hurt. Thieves in Italy often work in pairs, with one diverting the victim's attention while the other commits the thievery by stealth, sometimes slitting the bottom of a purse or bag with a razor blade or sharp object. ATM theft has increased to the degree that the Secret Service has joined forces with Italian Law Enforcement to battle the problem.