There are plenty of options to get the requisite souvenir emblazened with the image of St Francis in Assisi. However, tchotchkes aren't the only things to look out for while in Assisi, as the Umbrian region is known for a variety of different products.

  • Olive Oil -- high quality extra virgin olive oil is the thing to purchase in Umbria.
  • Wine -- hello, it is Italy after all, bringing home some wine is pretty much a given. What better souvenir than a bottle of wine that you can enjoy back at home while reminiscing about the wonderful time you had in Italy? However, do check with customs to determine how many bottles you are allowed to bring into your home country duty-free.
  • Truffles -- if you have some extra Euros to burn, drop into a fine foods shop and purchase some truffles. These fungal delicacies come at quite a high price.
  • Linens and embroidery -- woven table linens known as "Perugia towels" are a definite item to look for while shopping. Highly embellished with patterns or plain in design, the woven arts has been an important part of Umbrian culture since the late thirteenth century.