This is indeed a specialty museum. Picture case after case of pieces of pottery of every conceivable style, shape and quality, with little in the way of description. Deruta is known as a regional center for ceramic artisans, and the museum is surrounded by vendors of all levels of quality. But while the museum certainly has a vast array of items on display, it lacks a cohesive thread to help a casual visitor navigate and understand the significance of the pieces being shown.

 This museum takes you through all the steps of the ceramics process from the differences in types of clay to the multi-step glazing process.  When you think about the time, labor and skill necessary to create a piece that is not only functional but beautiful it is amazing.  This process has its roots in ancient times and over time has changed with new techniques.  The pottery on display shows the range available to the potter over time; pieces that are over six hundred years old and those from the thirties and forties share exhibit space. Even the signage for the museum is an exquisite piece of ceramic with an eye arresting red glaze...large pieces are much more difficult to construct, glaze  and fire .  The museum gives you a walk along a ceramic time line and really increases your appreciation of the work done by the artisans of Deruta.