Perugia is one of the safest places to visit in all of Europe. Its student-friendly university environment combined with traveler friendly accoutrements make it a place where you can feel comfortable you’ll leave with your personal safety intact.

Perhaps the only time you might want to keep an eye on your belongings is during the Umbria Jazz Festival. There is no high crime rate associated with this event, but anytime there are many people gathered together in one place, in a mood of revelry and celebration, you want to keep an eye on your items. If you, too, are drinking, be careful as you leave, particularly if you are driving.

Perhaps a greater danger to your safety comes on the roads. Many visitors to Perugia say driving your own car here is difficult as best. In some areas, there is limited access to cars and if you are parked illegally, you will likely return to a ticketed car. If you do choose to drive in Perugia, be sure to park only in designated parking lots and designated parking areas.