If you are traveling to Perugia with your children, you should be in for a fairly easy trip.

Italians love children and many accommodations are made for them. If you travel in by train, and your toddler is getting fussy, you won’t get too many angry and annoyed stares but understanding smiles and maybe a few treats.

In Perugia, there are plenty of things to amuse the kids. If your kids are out of early childhood, the Umbria Jazz Festival might be a fun event, if you are traveling in the summer. In addition, any of the city’s museums are appropriate for children and might even provide some useful credits for your kids’ schooling.

There is an excellent zoo in Perugia that’s popular with children called Citta Della Domenica, where you can see many animals living in their natural habitats, and not cages. There are many rare species of animals here, and is also home to Italy’s largest center for the breeding and conservation of rare reptile species.

If your children need to blow off some steam, the zoo can accommodate, as they can enter a fantasyland and head into Sleeping Beauty’s castle, enter Fort Apache, or dive into an ocean of colored balls.