Despite the fact that Basel has an intact historical center with houses more than 700 years old, its reputation as the Swiss capital of architecture is based on the fact that during the last 25 years a lot of well-known architects have created the "modern Basel".

One of the leading European architecture firms Herzog & De Meuron—responsible for buildings such as Tate Gallery in London, the Olympic stadium in Bejing or the new football stadium in Munich—are from Basel and have built a lot of remarkable new buildings here. Ask for the list of the "must sees" at the Basel Tourism office.

Enjoy a walking tour through the city with the most modern buildings situated around the historical center, beginning at Bahnhof SBB to Aeschenplatz (a Mario Botta building) through Aeschenvorstadt, and then take your tour to Cathedral's place for the historical part: (Münsterplatz - Augustinergasse - Martinsgasse -down to the Market square and on the other side up to Spalenberg - Gemsberg to Nadelberg, where you find well preserved houses in different styles from all centuries.

On the northern side of the Rhine you will find the Messeturm (fair tower), which is the tallest building in Switzerland.

For a virtual city tour watch this link:

Watch the beautiful lanes around Imbergässlein, Spalenberg, Nadelberg and Heuberg, Münsterplatz just to name a few.