Unless you’re worried about a super villain taking refuge in the Schilthorn you should have few concerns about visiting Mürren. Violent crime in Switzerland is typically very low and even street crime is low. The mountain town of Mürren is extremely very safe and visitors and can feel at ease while visiting, and even petty crime isn’t much of a concern. While traveling in Switzerland you should be watchful of your possessions, and the more common types of crimes are pickpockets at train stations, on buses and even at the airports. The best advice is not to flash large sums of money and watch what you’re carrying when you’re hitting the slopes or hiking in the surrounding countryside.

Switzerland is a place where women can typically feel safe while visiting, even if they are alone, but it is still a good idea for all visitors should use caution when heading out at night. Also be sure to avoid traveling, or skiing alone. The area is quite vast and it can be confusing to visitors. Stay with a group, or be sure to let your friends or relatives know where you’ll be, just in case you have trouble making it back.

Photocopies of travel documents and credit cards should be kept separate from the originals and key telephone numbers maintained to contact banks if credit cards are stolen or lost.