The only way to get around Wengen is to walk.  People say that about a lot of places, because they are too small to be easily navigated in other ways, but it is not merely inconvenient to get around Wengen any other way; it is illegal.  This is because Wengen is a car-free zone.  There is not even a road running in to the city, so travelers with any thoughts of driving easily to the mountains in the nearby area should think twice.  Wengen is an official car-free location, which means that the community living there agreed to make it illegal to have cars there.  This is done for multiple reasons, including concern for the environment and an interest in maintaining a simple way of life.

Travelers will find that this contributes greatly to the culture of the area, and that getting out and walking around truly is the best way to experience the area.  All of the activities of interest to travelers within Wengen will be reachable on foot.  Travelers can also reach greater distances on foot if they are in relatively good shape.  Many people hike in to the area.

It is possible, however, to get in to Wengen via train and train is the method generally used for getting around the greater area surrounding Wengen.  Travelers may also leave cars in nearby Lauterbrunnen, taking the train to get there from Wengen and then their car to get around the greater surrounding area.  More information is available at .