Locarno has a very interesting culture. Officially part of Switzerland but located on the border with Italy, the official langauge in Locarno is Italian. But the majority of the country either speaks German or French, therefore the residents find themselves growing up with many languages around them and as a result you will notice, many are multi-lingual. With the influx of tourism, English is a major language as well.

The mix of traditional Swiss culture and Italian culture make for a festive and friendly people with the addition of incredible cuisine. The beautiful nature surrounding Locarno is also an active ingredient in the culture; people are very active. The locals are out enjoying the fresh air, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, biking and hiking in the summer.

Food and wine is an important part of the lifestyle in Locarno and you will see locals enjoying their long lunches or dinners in town or stopping for an espresso any time of day. Making time for these small events is an everyday occurrence for many.

Music and arts are a big part of life here as well, the residents are proud of their annual International Film Festival.