The land of Locarno and Switzerland undoubtedly has ancient history. The  Helvetii people were the first to inhabit this land from as long ago as 800 B.C. They were Celtic tribe and their name is still linked with most things Swiss today. But, the Helvetii people were pushed out by he Romans led by Julius Ceasar himself, in the 5th Century A.D. But in the game of ping-pong that was land control in those days, the next century it was the Franks who ruled the land running a feudal system.

Fastforwarding tot he 15th century, Switzerland began building its power militarily and won its independence in 1499 from Emperor Maximilian I of Hapsburg. But internal revolutions were to come as well as struggles under Napoleon's rule. The French Revolution brought a lot of liberals into Switzerland. But in terms of a country's history, this is all quite mild and by the 18th century, Switzerland was the most industrialized nation in Europe. By 1815, Swiss borders were offiicially set and in 1848 the federal constitution was drawn up. As the world knows, by staying neutral in World War I and II, the country gained its reputation and avoided conflict by leaps and bounds.

Locarno, in the far south of Switzerland began booming as a resort town in the 1800s. It is perhaps most often linked with the  Treaty of Locarno as it played host to top European powers that were attempting to make peace after World War I. Locarno has always remained a tourist town, small, clean, and beautiful, and has been a favorite vacation spot for Italians.