Getting tourist board information right before and even during your vacation in Locarno, Switzerland can really help you benefit from the most up-to-date details about the region you are visiting. Perhaps there is a festival occurring that is new on the calendar that a tourist board can help you with.

Switzerland has a great online tourist board to help you prepare for a vacation there. You can find promotions for areas of interest on their site, order travel brochures, and get more information about Locarno. For Locarno's own tourist board online, visit that of Lake Maggiore's which is also full of helpful tips for the specific region.  

The United States Government has a Consular Information  webpage dedicated to tips and facts about Switzerland. Checking with your own government or the host country's embassy is always a good idea before traveling to make sure you meet all of the entry-requirements. The U.S. government provides a list of requirements online.

Because Locarno is so close to ltaly, you may also want to check out an online tourist board for the country of Italy should you choose to cross the border, click here to be directed.